The ATS Story

The ATS Story

Our founder Sandeep Varma started his career in commodities trading in San Diego. He quickly rose to prominence within the office and through his efforts, developed a close relationship with a prospective client’s daughter, Nisha. After seizing an opportunity to work at American Express Financial Advisors and finding great success there, he began to envision an improved approach to serving clients’ needs – one that provided comprehensive solutions for their financial goals and objectives. He left American Express, and with his wife Nisha, founded Advanced Trustee Strategies. They now work tirelessly together to help individuals and families with financial planning, education, and stability.

Throughout the ATS Story, the Varmas have made it their mission to provide families with supportive and personalized solutions that allow them to administer their assets responsibly and efficiently. They understand the unique needs of each household and strive for transparency in order to provide sound guidance throughout the management process. That is why the Varmas emphasize building strong relationships with all those they work with; they are committed to providing quality service while upholding family values – something they value highly.

At ATS Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on providing seminars and workshops for clients and prospects alike – such as the Seven Biggest Mistakes Trustees Often Make and the Advanced Trustee Workshop – which have helped thousands of trustees become more aware of the intricacies involved in estate planning.

Our approach to education goes beyond preventing our clients from making mistakes that could lead to family tension or ultimately decreasing wealth; it also aids in understanding how trusts can be beneficial beyond individuals’ lifetimes. Our team of experienced advisors has the knowledge, qualifications and dedication to serve clients with excellence. We are proud to boast decades of experience in providing comprehensive wealth management services.  

We understand that when it comes to your money and legacy, you need more than just credentials; you need trust and integrity. That’s why we go above and beyond to uphold fiduciary standards, offering tailored advice on investments for each client’s unique circumstances that can change over time. As part of the ATS Wealth Management family, you can expect a level of service that is always professional yet approachable – like a member of the same family – and rest assured that we will be there for you at every step along your financial journey.

Value-Driven Financial Partners

At ATS Wealth Management, we believe in empowering our clients to make intelligent decisions to protect and grow their wealth.
Our core values reflect this commitment through:

Comprehensive Education

At ATS Wealth Management, we prioritize our clients' financial education above all else. The best way to ensure long-term success is to equip our clients with the knowledge and confidence they need to make informed decisions.

Tailored Solutions

Our team works hard to develop customized plans that suit each client's individual needs and goals. We consider every detail about their financial situation, such as income level, current assets, future objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity preferences, and more.

Unwavering Support

At ATS Wealth Management, we don't just provide one-time advice or solutions; we're a partner you can rely on for the long term. From creating individualized wealth strategies to monitoring investments over time, we offer ongoing support throughout every stage of your financial journey.